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  • How To: Change Your Oil

    Most people on this forum, this will come second nature to you. But, there are those that are either looking to save money, or just want the satisfaction of doing some things themselves and that is what this video and forum is all about. Everything starts small, and you don't get much smaller than changing your own oil. Not only can it save you $20+ every 3-5 months, but you know what is going in your engine, and that it's done correctly.

    My mother had had her oil changed twice at "Lube Shops" and both times, they left the drain plug loose. One of them cost her an engine, but they replaced it, and the tech was fired. It's small oversights like this that give good reason to do things yourself.

    Here is a video on exactly what to do to change your oil. Every car will be a little different, but the principal is the same. Ask any questions you may have.
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